Association of British Orchestras Director Mark Pemberton on Tim's Wednesday Web Chat

22 January 2013, 17:48

Before launching into a full day of classical music discussions at the Association of British Orchestras conference, Director Mark Pemberton is joining Tim Lihoreau at 9am on Wednesday 23 January, to respond to all your questions about the organisation, and the future of classical music.

This week, the Association of British Orchestras (ABO) are hosting their annual conference, where musicians, orchestral members, arts professionals and music lovers alike come together to ask 'what's next' for classical music. If you haven't heard of the ABO, they aim to promote a society where orchestral music is valued as a key aspect of life and culture for everyone.

This week's Wednesday Web Chat guest is Mark Pemberton, Director of the ABO, who will be taking your questions ahead of the conference, sharing his thoughts on classical music, and the role of the ABO in the UK.

Is classical music keeping up with the other art forms? How is the digital music market evolving? Are traditional opera houses and concert halls appropriate to the needs of performers today? This year's ABO conference is leaving no musical stone unturned, asking the questions that penetrate the heart of the classical music industry. We're asking you to do the same, so get your questions ready for Mark Pemberton and join in with Tim Lihoreau's Wednesday Web Chat by posting in the comments below.