Team Elgar

Edward Elgar's bushy moustache!

Give me an L! Give me a GAR! Well, something like that anyway. Margherita Taylor's backing the great British composer's cause this year in the Hall of Fame. Want to know why? Read on...

This year, the Classic FM Hall of Fame is more competitive than ever before. The composers are going head to head in the ultimate classical battle, so they can claim the prize of being top of the top 300 in 2014.

Unfortunately, most of the composers in the Hall of Fame are, well, dead. So we've enlisted the help of a few of our presenters to champion their cause.

Smooth Classics presenter Margherita Taylor's picked a typically soothing piece to top the chart this year: Elgar's incredible tear-jerker, Nimrod, part of the Enigma Variations. When it comes to getting a British composer to the top of the chart, there's no one more worthy than Elgar, right?

Maybe the Enigma Variations just aren't for you. Maybe you're more of a Pomp and Circumstance kind of person, or a fan of the 'stout and steaky' Cockaigne Overture.

If you love Elgar's tune, join Margherita and vote #TeamElgar in the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2014.

Elgar Why we love Elgar

It's up to you who you vote for in the Hall of Fame... but if you need help making your mind up, here's why we love Elgar

#TeamElgar wants YOU!

Land of Hope and Glory AND Nimrod? Enough said. Margherita Taylor explains why she wants you in Team Elgar.

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