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Bach is surely one of the most famous and revered composers of all time, but he's never topped our Hall of Fame. Is 2014 his year? Join Jane Jones to make sure he features…

This year, the Classic FM Hall of Fame is more competitive than ever before. The composers are going head to head in the ultimate classical battle, so they can claim the prize of being top of the top 300 in 2014.

Unfortunately, most of the composers in the Hall of Fame are, well, dead. So we've enlisted the help of a few of our presenters to champion their cause.

Jane Jones and Howard Goodall are on a mission to get Bach higher up the Hall of Fame than ever before. Jane's a fan of the Cello Suites, whereas Howard's more of a St Matthew Passion man.

Curiously, despite being one of the most popular composers of all time (and the most revered and acclaimed by academic sorts), J.S. Bach, the master of all things mathematical and baroque, doesn't have a great track record in the Hall of Fame.

Do you think it's time Bach went right to the top? Are the Cello Suites his best work? Maybe you prefer the Brandenburg Concertos or his St Matthew Passion? There's plenty to choose from, so let Jane Jones be your guide.

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