Tobi Sunmola talks composing and his influences backstage at the Schools Prom

12 November 2014, 20:40

Tobi Sunmola at the MFY Schools Prom


Tobi Sunmola is influenced by a huge array of music - influences that can be heard in his composition White Wolves, which he sang for us.

Tobi Sunmola is a Londoner with Nigerian roots. Growing up, he was exposed to a huge mix of music, he tells Classic FM's Tim Lihoreau: "Classic music: a lot of blues, jazz and afrobeats. And a lot of rap and soul as well. I've grown up and learned to understand a lot of music." His influences include Fela Kuti for afrobeats, Anthony Hamilton for soul and Kanye West for rap and hip-hop.

For Tobi, as a rapper, composing is all about the words - and it's happening all the time. If he comes up with a tune on the bus, he'll hum it out loud and then record it on his phone.

Tobi's band came together only recently, but he is hoping they'll do a lot of gigs together. 

Tobi sang White Wolves for us after his interview. It's a song about finding himself musically. 

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