Discovered by The Verve: Sophie Morgan talks to Classic FM at the Schools Prom

12 November 2014, 16:53

Sophie Morgan at the MFY Schools Prom


The Widnes girl, who was discovered at a wedding by a member of The Verve, plays one of her songs for Classic FM.

Sophie’s tinkling on the piano from the age of six soon combined with a love of poetry, and she penned her first song at nine years old. 

"Its something that I've just always done," Sophie tells Classic FM's Tim Lihoreau. "I've always known since I was really tiny that it's just something I wanted to do. And I always knew pretty early on that I wanted to be the one who was writing the songs - not just singing them." 

She adds: "I think it's great therapy as well."

Singing at a wedding in Chester, Sophie was discovered by Simon Jones of The Verve, and a week later, 14 original songs were recorded in his studio. Charles and Thomas, accompanying her, are students from the Royal Northern College of Music, introduced through Simon. 

Wilderness is a song about being imprisoned by one’s own mind; Kensington, a song of wandering and wondering.

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