Haven High Academy 6th Form Choir sing The Book of Mormon

12 November 2014, 19:44

Haven High Academy 6th Form Choir at the MFY Schools Prom


This isn't the first visit to the School Proms for many members of the Haven High Academy choir. Some of them were part of 2013's Lincolnshire massed ensemble.

Haven High opened its doors to 6th form students in 2012. Since then, Year 13 students have formed a choir to improve their vocal ensemble and characterisation skills. Many choir members, inspired by their part in the Lincolnshire Massed Ensemble at the Schools Prom 2013, were keen to take part in the MFY season again. 

Their infectious enthusiasm has been integral to the recruitment and coaching of younger students in productions and ensembles, and is evident this evening in the performances from The Book of Mormon. 

"I knew if we wanted to be successful in this competition we would need something quirky," says Choir Master Vanessa Adams.


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