The Blue Coat School Brass Band backstage at the Schools Prom

12 November 2014, 21:09

The Blue Coat School Brass Band at the MFY Schools Prom


What keeps people coming back to brass? It's the fun of the rehearsals, says The Blue Coat School's musical director.

The 45-strong young band comprises musicians from every year group within The Blue Coat School. They regularly perform in many local events, including its annual Founders Day march through the streets of Oldham.

So what keeps people coming back to brass? "It's the fun we have in rehearsals," musical director Neil Hewson tells Classic FM's Tim Lihoreau. "We have a great time. We're a brass family and we all get on really well."

Rebecca Maxwell, who plays flugelhorn says: "I would suggest musical instruments to every child from any age. You make so many friends and have so many experiences like playing at the Royal Albert Hall."

While rehearsing Horizons, with the ensemble is playing tonight, it quickly became apparent that the piece played to the band’s strengths showing off its rich textures and timbres. Their second piece features the band’s xylophonist in the virtuosic Helter Skelter

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