Urban Voice sing Clean Bandit's 'Rather Be' backstage at the Schools Prom

11 November 2014, 17:17

Urban Voice at the MFY Schools Prom


The ensemble from Stockton-on-Tees do a swinging cover of the Clean Bandit hit, 'Rather Be'.

Twisting popular and classic songs to create a unique sound, and stretching the boundaries between musical styles, is Urban Voice's aim. 

"If we're doing something out of the charts, we try to give it a bit of a vintage vibe," Music Director Cherie Gears tells Classic FM's Tim Lihoreau. "If we're doing an old school tune, we try to modern it up. It's just about giving it our own identity."

Though each member’s ages and tastes differ widely, the members are united by their passion to sing every song with heart to produce a refreshing and exciting performance. 

Rather Be, Clean Bandit's smash dance hit, is sung here with jazz harmonies, intricate vocal textures and exhilarating improvisation.

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