Iestyn Davies explains the countertenor voice

17 September 2014, 20:57

Countertenor Iestyn Davies at the Gramophone Awards

John Suchet talks to the singer about his award-winning recital album


The award-winning singer speaks to Classic FM's John Suchet at St. John's Smith Square.

Countertenor Iestyn Davies won the 2014 Gramophone Award in the Recital category for his album, Arise, my muse', a recording of a live performance he gave at London's Wigmore Hall. It featured works by Purcell, Gabrieli, Jeremiah Clarke and John Blow.

"It's a period which is very important in my repertoire because Henry Purcell and the countertenor go hand in hand - and I love singing this music particularly," said Davies.

"Our range is equivalent to a female mezzo soprano," he added. "When my voice broke I just found that one day I started singing an alto line and it felt better."

And Davies believes there's an audience for his particular style of singing.

"It's a great voice once you've got hold of it. People always get surprise and satisfaction from listening to a countertenor," he said. 

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