Tom Morris: classical artists should talk during concerts

1 August 2014, 18:30

Tom Morris at the Bristol Proms

The artistic director at the Bristol Old Vic explains the rules of the Bristol Proms to Classic FM's Jane Jones.


Lying down in a laser-fuelled concert with a pint? It might sound gimmicky, but it's all about the music, Tom Morris explains.

After all the light shows, lasers, cameras, and improvisation at the Bristol Proms. Is it a gimmick? Of course not! Tom Morris explains the magic behind the innovative concert series to Classic FM's Jane Jones.

As well as making use of new technology, the Bristol Proms is all about breaking down established conventions which might put off newcomers to classical music. And, as Tom explains, sometimes you don't need a big screen or an Instagram account to get your message across.

"We ask the artists to talk to the audience about their music - really simple - and it's not the convention, still, in classical music," he explained. "That's the most primitive technology you can imagine!"

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