Tom Morris on tackling the traditions of the concert-hall – without resorting to gimmicks

31 July 2015, 18:18

Tom Morris on his ambition for the Bristol Proms


Beethoven in the dark, a solo pianist filmed from all angles and mechanical hearts that beat in time with the players' own: all in a day's work at the Bristol Proms. The festival's curator, and artistic director of Bristol Old Vic talked Jane Jones through his ambitions for this fledgling event.

Every evening this week, artistic director of Bristol Old Vic has taken to the stage in the theatre to welcome a new performer to the Bristol Proms. And every evening he has talked the audience through the "Rules of the Bristol Proms":

1. You can applaud at any time

2. You can bring drinks into the auditorium

3. You can take photographs without flash

And 4. No shhing.

He took a few minutes out of rehearsals to talk to Classic FM's Jane Jones about why he thinks the concept of the concert hall needs a refresh – and why none of the innovations at the Bristol Proms could be called gimmicks.

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