David Lister on shaking up classical music

1 August 2014, 14:02

David Lister at the Bristol Proms 2014

The writer explains why classical music needs a good shake up.


The Arts Editor of the Independent explains why the Bristol Proms are just what classical music needs.

Classic FM caught up with the writer on day three of the Bristol Proms to chat all things classical. He explained exactly why the week-long festival is a breath of fresh air in the world of classical music.

"It's crazy that the conductor never talks to you, it's crazy not to have screens, it's crazy not to have the odd light show," he said. "This is doing all of that so it's serving a real need, particularly for new audiences, particularly for new audiences."

I've got nothing against the traditional classical concert. It can be there, as long as there's this as well."

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