Charles Hazelwood: Terry Riley is like 'climbing in a lava lamp!'

30 July 2014, 18:55

Charles Hazelwood at the Bristol Proms 2014

Speaking to Classic FM's Jane Jones, conductor Charles Hazelwood explains what makes Terry Riley so great ahead of his spectacular visual performance at the Bristol Proms.


After he inspired a generation of electronic music in the 1960s, what kind of person might turn up to a Terry Riley concert? Jane Jones and Charles Hazelwood explain...

Pioneering conductor Charles Hazelwood's got some pretty special music planned for this year's Bristol Proms. He founded his All Stars for Glastonbury 2008, and they're bringing their unique brand of improvisational genius to the Bristol Old Vic - complete with visualisations from Danceroom Spectroscopy.

Minimalism: a beginner's guide

Chatting to Classic FM's Jane Jones, Hazelwood explained the appeal of 'minimalism', and exactly who he thought might be turning up to a Terry Riley concert.

"Terry Riley - he's an extraordinary man doing extraordinary things," he explained.  "It's totally infectious, intoxicating, it's like climbing inside a giant lava lamp!"

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