Jonathan James: Masters of the Keyboard

Bristol Proms associate artist Jonathan James returns with a brand new series of talks, taking place each day of the festival.

Monday 27th July, 6pm
Bristol Old Vic Studio
'Beethoven Unwrapped'
Jonathan takes a closer look at one of the biggest composers of them all, providing insight for the newcomer and expert alike.


Tuesday 28th July, 6pm
Bristol Old Vic Studio
'A History of Classic Music in 60 minutes'
Now, there's a challenge: take a whirlwind trip throughout several hundred years of musical history in just an hour. 


Wednesday 29th July, 6pm
Bristol Old Vic Studio
'Patterns in Music'
A look at the mathematical constructs of music and how different composers through history managed to incorporate them into their compositions.


Thursday 30th July, 6pm
Bristol Old Vic Studio
Strings, Quills & Hammers: Masters of the Keyboard


Friday 31st July, 6pm
Bristol Old Vic Studio
The Story of the Guitar, from Mandolin to Stratocaster
It's one of the most iconic musical instruments around and features in all genres of music, but how did this six-stringed beast evolve into what it is today?


Saturday 1st August, 6pm
Bristol Old Vic Studio
Riches of the Renaissance


Please note: Tickets for these events are limited. Please call the Bristol Old Vic box office to secure yours.

Jonathan James at Bristol Proms 2014

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