Avi Avital and Mahan Esfahani

Mandolin virtuoso Avi Avital and harpsichord wizard Mahan Esfahani show the Bristol Proms exactly what Bach means to them in an invigorating show.

One Iranian, one Israeli - and one shared love of Bach. That's what's behind this ingenious pairing, which will take the Bristol Proms audience on a tour of some of the great baroque master's finest works.

With a focus on the heritage of their respective instruments (with roots that stretch back to the renaissance and ancient Persia), expect to be dazzled not only by the virtuosity of this dynamic pairing, but by their shared devotion to their music.

Friday 1st August
Bristol Old Vic Theatre

Programme to include:

Bach - Sonata for violin and harpsichord BWV 1019
Bach - Trio Sonata, no 4 from BWV 1019 (Orig. Organ)
Domenico Scarlatti - Sonata for mandolin and BC in D minor K. 91
Avi Avital - Kedma
Vivaldi - Sonata in C major

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