LSO's Kathryn McDowell: 'We need support to create wonderful work'

29 January 2015, 11:07

Kathryn McDowell at the ABO conference

The LSO's managing director discusses the importance of public subsidy to keep orchestras alive.


Chair of the ABO and managing director of the London Symphony Orchestra Kathryn McDowell told Classic FM that the public need to commit to the country's orchestras if they are to survive.

Speaking after addressing the Association of British Orchestras annual conference at the Sage Gateshead, McDowell spoke to Classic FM's Jane Jones about the challenges facing ensembles today.

In an election year, funding was chief among the subjects McDowell was keen to discuss:

"Orchestras are alive and well and doing wonderful work, but we need the support to create that work. The orchestras are a fine example of a mixed funding economy."

Culture Minister Ed Vaizey interviewed at the ABO

She also spoke of the ways in which the public are a key element of how British orchestras continue to survive.

"We're not heavily reliant on public subsidy, but we need public subsidy as the core of what we do… Come and be a partner in that, and we'll make you really proud of British orchestras."

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