8 opera characters diagnosed by WebMD

We put the symptoms of famous opera characters into WebMD to see what's really wrong with them. Botox injections, agoraphobia and possible schizophrenia are just some of the stranger diagnoses...

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1. Mimi in Puccini's La Boheme: tuberculosis, asthma, depression

  • "No longer will my hands be frozen. The warmth will make them beautiful." (Act IV)
  • "A terrible cough shakes her chest and weak frame," (Act III)
  • "My life! is it finished? Alas, I have to die!" (Act IV)

 Opera characters diagnosed by WebMD






2. The Queen of the Night in Mozart's The Magic Flute: heartburn, overeating, hernia

  • "I am condemned to grief, for my daughter has been taken from me." (Act I)
  • "The vengeance of Hell boils in my heart!" (Act II)
  • "Death and despair flame about me!" (Act II)

Opera characters diagnosed by WebMD













3. Othello in Verdi's Otello: dementia, intoxication, drug withdrawal

  • "I like not that! To see them clasped together… The handkerchief! The handkerchief!" (Act III)
  • "Take heed of perjury... Think that you are on your deathbed." (Act IV)

Opera characters diagnosed by WebMD














4. Tristan in Wagner's Tristan and Isolde: altitude sickness, panic attack, acute stress reaction

  • "Where I awoke, there I was not, but where I was I cannot tell you." (Act III)
  • "Coursing blood, rejoicing spirit! Bliss beyond bounds, joyful delirium!" (Act III)
  • "Ah, my blood! Cheerily flow, my blood!" (Act III)

Opera characters diagnosed by WebMD












5. Liu in Puccini's Turandot: agoraphobia, lazy eye, panic attack

  • "I will close my weary eyes." (Act III)
  • "I can bear it no longer! I’m afraid of myself!" (Act III)
  • Stage direction: "Suddenly she seizes a dagger from a soldier and stabs herself to death." (Act III)

Opera characters diagnosed by WebMD


6. Don Giovanni in Mozart's Don Giovanni: depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD

  • "I espied a fair damsel with the gait of a Juno; Of course I followed, I tried to take her hand." (Act II)
  • "Proceed at once, or I'll spear thee, I'll kill thee at a blow." (Act II)
  • "Ah, I see the table's ready, Play a gay and festive measure. Costly is my cup of pleasure; And I'll drain it to the end." (Act II)

Opera characters diagnosed by WebMD














7. Florestan in Beethoven's Fidelio: earwax blockage, migraine, fibromyalgia

  • "God! What darkness this! What terrifying silence!" (Act II)
  • "In the spring days of my life happiness deserted me!" (Act II)
  • "If it is my destiny then to end my life, do not let me slowly die of thirst. Give me just one drop of water." (Act II)

Opera characters diagnosed by WebMD













8. Aida in Verdi's Aida: low blood sugar, generalised anxiety disorder, grief reaction

  • "Therefore the country's fate I fear, for me, for all I tremble." (Act I)
  • "Fate o'er Egypt looming weighs down on my heart dejected, I wept that love thus was dooming to woe a hapless maid." (Act I)
  • "Here from all where none can behold us, clasped in thy arms I resolved to perish." (Act IV)

Opera characters diagnosed by WebMD

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