Music theory for musicians (and normal people), in 50 graphics

Everything you ever needed to know about music theory. Music professor and graphic designer Toby W. Rush has created these genius infographics, and we just had to share them.

Toby W. Rush

Put down those dusty music theory books! Send that bearded lecturer packing! Allow us to introduce a new way of presenting everything you need to know about modes, counterpoint and keys. Music theory guru and graphic designer Toby W. Rush  strips away the academic fluff and presents it all in this beautiful and easily understood series of graphics.

Whether you're a newcomer with an interest in getting under the bonnet of your favourite pieces or a student wanting to find an elegant cheat-sheet, here's music theory for the online infographic generation. Click on the image below and enjoy your journey in this fascinating (and nerdy) world...

Begin your tour here...

Toby W. Rush

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