4 classical ghost stories for Halloween, read by Classic FM presenters

Listen closely to our presenters as they share four of the best classical ghost stories, from the ghost of Bach in a concert hall to the exorcism in Handel's house... carry on if you dare!

Beethoven piano ghost

The spectre of Chopin at the ‘Honky Château’
What gave David Bowie chills and made him turn away from this Château's master bedroom? Was it Chopin's haunting presence? Alex James reads...

Mozart night screams in a museum
It's first night on the job for the new night watchman at a Vienna museum. But where in the deserted building is that haunting music coming from? Catherine Bott shares the terrors of the night.

Exorcism in the Handel house
In 2001 at the Baroque composer's former London home, the air suddenly got thicker and then...there was an apparition. David Mellor tells this spooky tale.  

When Schumann appeared at a séance
A psychic researcher contacts a disembodied scribe, who tells of a long-lost concerto. Let Anne-Marie Minhall share this supernatural story.

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