Can we guess your favourite piece of classical music in 9 questions?

It's that time of year again – we're counting down your favourite pieces of classical music in the world's biggest poll of classical tastes. But the big question is, can we guess what YOU would vote as your number one?

Can we guess your favourite piece of classical mus

At Classic FM we love playing your favourite music. Now we've developed a highly scientific test which allows us to determine your number one favourite piece of all time from some of the pieces that are Classic FM Hall of Fame regulars. Go on - give it a go.

And while you're doing the quiz, why not take a listen to the incredible music we're playing right now in the Classic Hall of Fame countdown...

Based on your answers to the questions in the quiz, we'll work out exactly which piece of classical music is your absolute favourite. You might think you already know what your favourite is, but we'll tell you for definite. 

Ready to find out? Take the test below, then let us know if we were right or wrong in the comments.


Now, why not vote in the 2016 Classic FM Hall of Fame? Cast your vote here and you could win one of five £1,000 prizes.

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