Paris musical map: a guide to the city's best destinations

Find the best venues, steeped in musical history on our helpful map. If you'd like to encounter the music of Debussy, Satie and Poulenc in Parisian boulevards, or want the best chance of bumping into Pierre Boulez at a cafe, this is the city map for you.

The Eiffel Tower

From Paris Opera and Note Dame and the Seine and even the zoological park - classical music fills the glorious city of Paris. We've selected the finest in our new compilation album - with the map the match (so the only thing you'll get lost in is the splendour of Ravel's harmony).

Download Classic FM City Music Guide: Paris

We're all about taking you to the finest cities of music, and with our map you can walk the streets while you indulge its sounds. With a croissant and coffee in one hand, and this guide in the other, you'll have the best musical time in the City of Light. 

Click on the image below for the full map.

Paris classical guide

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