Radiohead's 'Creep' for string quartet will make you reconsider the '90s

25 May 2017, 16:53

string quartet radiohead creep

Ever thought this alt-rock classic needed a classical spin? Thalia Strings have given 'Creep' string quartet makeover.

If you're a fan of the cheery pop combo known as Radiohead then you're going to love this. You may remember their forelock-tugging superhit 'Creep' from back in the 90s, resplendent with its miserable lyrics of isolation and surprisingly meaty guitars.

Well, Thalia Strings certainly remember it well. Here they are performing 'Creep' in its entirety, complete with that clonking Jonny Greenwood guitar sound:

String quartet plays Radiohead's 'Creep'

Thalia Strings take the '90s classic to somewhere very different.


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