‘The video game industry is a hard industry to be in as a woman – let’s claim our space and stop apologising’ – Jessica Curry

19 April 2017, 11:50

Jessica Curry

By Lizzie Davis

The weekend Jessica Curry launches High Score, a brand new video game music show on Classic FM. We spoke to her ahead of her first programme about the challenges she’s faced as a woman in the industry and whether there’s still snobbery around video game music

What’s it like working in the games industry – which is traditionally quite male-dominated – as a woman?

“Indy development is changing things – women are starting to use the technology themselves and say ‘we don’t have to wait for a game to be made, let’s just made our own game’. There’s a younger generation of women who are just so fearless.”

Jessica Curry: 'Let’s claim our space and stop apologising'

Our new presenter on working in the video game industry


You mentor some young female composers. Who are the rising stars of the industry?

Who are the rising stars of video game music?

Our new presenter introduces some names to watch


Do you think there is still some snobbery around video game music?

Is there still snobbery around video game music?

We asked our presenter Jessica Curry – a video game music composer in her own right


You can catch Jessica’s first show for the next six weeks, starting this Saturday at 9pm

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