This guy is basically a human metronome

22 June 2017, 12:33

By Amy MacKenzie

He can accurately clap any metronome speed AND identify any metronome speed.

When Treb Dolor uploaded a video of his brother, Buboy, perfectly clapping any given metronome speed, he didn't expect it to go viral. But the internet loves nothing more than unexpected talents. In the video, Treb names a series of random BPM and Buboy is able to start clapping at the correct speed PERFECTLY. 

It is so scarily accurate that many people didn't believe the video was real. So the Filipino duo created another video: this time with Buboy blind-folded. Treb plays a beat on his metronome and amazingly Buboy is able to name what BPM it is:

What an amazing talent! 

Metronome genius: Buboy Dolor

Video: Treb Dolor