Chromatic harmony - made ridiculously clear in these beautiful graphics

27 September 2016, 19:05

Wonderfully striking and eloquent guides that will have you spicing up your harmony in no time!

Secondary dominants, altered chords, Neapolitan sixths, enharmonic modulations – chromatic harmony can sound a little daunting... But thanks to these logical (and beautiful) graphics from music educator and jolly good illustrator Toby W. Rush, understanding those borrowed chords just got a lot easier. 

From the elaborate Baroque music, through the rich, expressive harmonic colours of Romanticism and Impressionism, to the jazz of the 20th century – chromatic harmony has been used to great effect throughout all of the history of music.

Click on the graphics below for a larger view Toby W. Rush's very helpful chromatic harmony guides.

by Toby W. Rush


by Toby W. Rush

by Toby W. Rush


by Toby W. Rush

And the rest, about Chromatic harmony and basically everything else you need to know in music theory, is here.

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