This is what the Windows start-up jingle sounds like stretched out to 24 HOURS

10 August 2016, 10:21

windows start-up sound slowed down

If you owned a PC back in 2001, chances are it came with Windows XP and, therefore, some iconic bing-bong noises.

Remember this noise?

Now, those bing-bong noises that signalled your computer starting up might be designed to get you in the right frame of mind for work, but an enterprising YouTuber has discovered a second, rather more transcendental use.

By slowing the sound down so that it lasts for a whopping 24 hours, Bob Pony has turned this most simple of jingles into a meditative, minimalist-drone epic.

Just listen:

FYI, the best bits are around 6 hours 47 minutes, when a cheeky major second becomes audible, and the whole period from about 9 hours in, when you’ll hear an imperceptible note and timbre shift for many, many minutes.

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