10 things that will give all musicians intense nostalgia pangs

10 December 2015, 15:04

Mouldy recorders, un-useable music stands, overhead projectors... wasn't learning music fun?!

1. The demo button on the classroom keyboard

“I swear I didn’t press the button, it just came on by itself!”


2. The descant to ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’


o come all ye faithful descant

3. Being picked for a solo in the school concert

The honour is real. Unless someone else was picked, in which case, nbd.


4. Abracadabra violin

The exercises contained in this book will haunt many children long into adulthood.

abracadabra violin


5. The earliest, slowest version of Sibelius

“OK, just going to put a crotchet…” *waits for 17 minutes* “…there.”


6. Sticking your violin bow through the hole in one of these chairs to poke someone

“Who, me? Nope.”

school chair

7. That weird pipe-cleaner thing you used to clean a recorder

Simultaneously the most absorbent and smelliest material known to man.

recorder cleaner


8. The smell of rosin, smashed all over the inside of your violin case

*gags* “Oh no… it’s EVERYWHERE.”

shattered violin rosin


9. Impossible music stands

No matter how you arrange them, they will never resemble the picture on the box. This picture is presumably Photoshopped because no-one could possibly assemble one this perfectly:

music stand

10. Hymn lyrics on the wall via OHP

When was the last time you used an overhead projector for anything? Does this still happen in schools?!

overhead projector

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