11 things you’ll only remember if you learned an instrument at school

20 October 2015, 17:15

Music lessons were hard, right? Here are some of the things that have lodged in our brains like bow rosin in a violin case.

1. Insane recorder confidence

“I can play two recorders with my nose, look!” Of course you can, mate. Of course you can. Oh, you actually can.

2. Frère Jacques

Brother Jack, if only you know you were responsible for one of the most infuriating and inane songs of all time… Ding, dang and, indeed, dong.


3. That one precocious kid who nailed absolutely every instrument

Stand down, geek.

4. Pachelbel’s Canon in D

A special chamber of hell is reserved for the sound of a children’s string orchestra playing this piece.


5. Making jokes about G-strings

Bonus points if you can get the teacher to say it.



6. Unending scales

Yeah, yeah, they’re good for you in the long run… but who on earth ENJOYS playing a scale?

scales batman


7. School choir rehearsals

“OK, this side of the room is group 1. The other side is group 2. WHY CAN’T YOU SING IN HARMONY?!” 

8. This book

Book 2 is clearly the superior volume.

abracadabra violin

(via musicroom)


9. The insatiable urge to spin a cello on the spot

So balletic. So dangerous.

10. Bow rosin

It’s sticky, it’s orange, it smells weird, and it will coat the inside of your violin case forever.

shattered violin rosin


11. That one time when you all actually sounded really awesome

Remember that? No?


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