10 incredible, jaw-dropping classical music WINS

10 July 2015, 14:32

Epic, epic winning moments from the classical music world. Includes gargantuan symphonies, cartwheels and the ultimate ringtone-shaming.

1. Tenor William Matteuzzi nails a high F
In opera terms, getting this Bellini aria right is like trying to climb Everest in slippers. But good old William Matteuzzi scales the heights in this amazing recording - singing a fourth higher than a tenor's top C.


2. Ringtone guy gets owned by violist
Is this the most passive-aggressive response to someone's mobile phone going off in a concert? We think it might just be…


3. The cartwheeling soprano
This is an amazing way to finish an aria. What's referred to in the trade as a 'coffee-through-the-nose moment'. 


4. World's fastest violinist
No stranger to a deep-V and a spangly violin, Ben Lee is also in possession of (officially) the nimblest fingers in the violin world. Behold his bumblebee below… 


5. Three-year-old conducts Beethoven like a boss
This isn't just a cute video of a kid waving his arms to a record, he's actually, properly conducting like a pro! Give him a couple of years and he'll be insufferable...


6. Havergal Brian composes the biggest symphony ever
Wowed by Mahler's Symphony of a thousand? Pah. That's nothing. Havergal Brian's Gothic Symphony requires four choirs, two orchestras, four brass bands and lasts over 100 minutes. Best take a packed lunch.


7. Juan Diego Flórez nails 9 top Cs
Another feat of incredible singing, JDF gambols about the stage without a care in the world, so much so that you almost forget that he's singing eardrum-explodingly high notes. Nine of them, in fact.


8. The Dancing Conductor
During a performance of Bernstein's Candide, conductor Joseph R. Olefirowicz decides that he's had enough of conducting properly and decides to do a dance instead.


9. Natalie Dessay nails that top G
Natalie Dessay makes lights work of Mozart - hold on to your champagne flutes…

10. This van

bach off

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