This 10-year-old violinist plays Tchaikovsky with such incredible maturity

13 April 2017, 09:48

leia zhu violinist

Violinist Leia Zhu is only 10, but she can already play the giants of the repertoire. Watch her take on this fiendish bit of Tchaikovsky (and win).

Not only is Leia a fantastically accomplished international soloist, but she’s also a super-keen YouTuber, documenting her musical life as she goes from city to city with her family.

She’s got lots to say about the pieces she’s playing, the food she’s eating and the places she’s visiting - basically she’s already living the life of a touring musician. Check her out on Facebook too.

But here she is playing Tchaikovsky’s Scherzo, Op. 42 No. 2:

Leia Zhu plays Tchaikovsky's Scherzo Op. 42, No. 2

An outstanding performances from the 10-year-old violinist.


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