Seven-year-old trumpeter absolutely nails US national anthem at college basketball match

1 March 2016, 10:33

When it comes to the high notes, it's nothing but net for this youngster, who has earned the praise of one of the world's finest trumpeters.

Taking to the centre of a hushed sports stadium to play or sing the national anthem is often a tense, nervy experience. However, a recent video shows a seven-year-old trumpeter showing exactly how it's done. 

The prodigy, named Judy, took to the court at Stevenson University to play The Star-Spangled Banner. Her performance culminated in a high C# that brought spontaneous applause. 


Judy Age 7, amazing performance at Stevenson University. Listen for the high note at the end, I could not believe it myself!

Posted by Joseph Alleva on Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Jazz/classical virtuoso Wynton Marsalis was full of praise. Sharing the video with his Facebook followers, he said: "Now we all can see how to play that C# in tune. She is so relaxed and for real. The trumpet Gods are smiling on us."

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