This is what happens if you put a baritone sax mouthpiece on a euphonium

5 June 2017, 14:12

Euphonium with Bari Sax Mouthpiece - The Evil Itsy Bitsy Spider


By Amy MacKenzie

A euphonium played with a baritone saxophone mouthpiece can even turn a children's nursery rhyme into a growling tune.

At Classic FM, we're big fans of unconventional methods of playing instruments. But if we're honest, we've never wondered what a euphonium would sound like when played with a baritone saxophone mouthpiece...

Thankfully, euphonium-player Brian Wilson has introduced us to the deep and disturbing sounds of the saxophonium, with his rendition of Evil Itsy Bitsy Spider. 

Just listen to that roaring rumble!

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