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saxophone meredith monk hocket

This saxophonist plays AND sings a duet meant for two vocalists

Paganini Saxophone

Is Paganini’s Caprice No. 5 on sax the most impressive display of circular breathing ever?

Camille Bertault

This vocalist flawlessly SINGS the most difficult jazz saxophone solo of all-time

alto saxophone - 128 notes

Alto saxophonist shares his astonishing trick for playing 128 notes in an octave

Xenon Quartet - Ligeti Bagatelles

Ligeti for saxophone quartet is properly exhilarating

Dawkes Saxophone BreakIn

40 saxophones have been stolen from a family run shop in Maidenhead

Flight of the Bumblebee saxophones

Flight of the Bumblebee for saxophone sextet is totally astounding