This pianist has arranged Happy Birthday in SIX jazz styles

30 May 2017, 14:45

Happy Birthday - Jazz Piano Arrangement by Jonny May


By Amy MacKenzie

Piano genius Jonny May has arranged Happy Birthday in six musical styles and it's exceptionally cool.

Last week, we posted a video of pianist Jonny May playing a ragtime arrangement of Beethoven's Ode to Joy and you all absolutely loved it.

You loved it so much that Jonny has decided to treat us to another video - this time, a jazzy arrangement of 'Happy Birthday' in not one, but six styles: classical, Latin, swing, stride, ragtime, and blues.  

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Also, if you want to see more fun Happy Birthday arrangements, check out Happy Birthday is the style of a Shostakovich string quartet and Happy Birthday in the style of Beethoven, Chopin Brahms AND Mozart!

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