Craig Ogden's guitar masterclass

2 July 2015, 14:47

We sat down with classical guitar guru Craig Ogden and asked him some niggling guitar nerd questions about harmonics, vibrato, amplification and more.

How to improve your finger-stretching skills

Craig’s got a neat method for making your reach extra-wide. 

Craig Ogden Masterclass: finger exercises

What's the best exercise you help your fingers reach that little bit further?


How important is vibrato?

And what’s the best way to do it? 

Craig Ogden Masterclass: getting good vibrato

It's all about knowing when to use it.


How to make your sound bigger

Time to work on your rest strokes, folks…

Craig Ogden Masterclass: making it loud

So, you're playing in much larger hall than usual - how do you beef up your sound?


How to master a perfect harmonic at speed

Simple: do it over and over and over again. 

Craig Ogden Masterclass: perfect harmonics

They're tricky, but worth it.


What’s the hardest piece ever?

Craig once had a tough time with Brian Ferneyhough…

Craig Ogden Masterclass: the most difficult guitar piece

What's the trickiest piece Craig's ever had to play?


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