An actual BEAR broke into someone's house and played piano

7 June 2017, 11:25

By Amy MacKenzie

A bear broke into a house in Colorado and gave us his best Bearthoven impression!

Yes, you read that right - a bear broke into a house in Vail, Colorado and started to play the piano! 

We think it went something like this:


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At first, the homeowner Katie Hawley thought her house was burglarized and phoned the police. However, when the police officers investigated the house, they realised that the bear had broken in to forage for food. 

On reviewing their home surveillance video, Katie discovered that the bear had not only stolen food from her freezer but also paused for a little musical tune on their piano. 

Vail Police, who are trained to respond to calls about wildlife, could not find the bear, and joked that "the suspect is still at large."

Video Credit: Katie Hawley via Storyful