Donald Trump's 'Covfefe' tweet has been turned into an amazing Baroque fugue

1 June 2017, 16:09

Fughetta 'covfefe', by Peter Underhill

Fughetta 'covfefe', by Peter Underhill


One music geek has found a contrapuntal answer to the US President's enigmatic tweet.

This week, social media was set ablaze by a hitherto-unknown word that made it into a tweet sent by US President Donald Trump....


While many around the world picked up their smart phones have submitted possible definitions for the new word, composer Peter Underhill instead put quill to manuscript and penned a baroque fugue.

Peter took the musical notes from Trump's now-famous word, using CFEFE as a musical subject for a smart little contrapuntal fugue, somewhat in the style of JS Bach. Bravo, Peter - fine topical counterpoint. (click for a bigger version)

Fughetta covfefe by Peter Underhill

We, of course, wanted to hear this performed as soon as we could - so we jumped down to Guildhall School of Music in London and enlisted the help of postgraduate piano student and Michigan native Jason Gong.

Here's Fughetta 'covfefe'

Fughetta 'covfefe', by Peter Underhill

Fughetta 'covfefe', by Peter Underhill



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