7 cute animals that love classical music more than anything

1 September 2017, 16:25

Esther Abrami plays Mendelssohn

This violinist played Mendelssohn to a litter of sleepy newborn kittens.


We can all agree that pets get even more adorable when they start showing signs of loving classical music. So, we’ve compiled some of the cutest animal muso videos for you to enjoy…

These otters, who were given an electric keyboard to ‘enrich their lives’

Aww, these otters love their new piano. Apparently it helps to stimulate their senses, too.

Small-clawed otters at the Smithsonian's National Zoo

Are these otters better than you at piano?


This Pomeranian pupper, who added his own ending to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

We’re not entirely convinced this is a real dog.

Lord Vinheteiro - 5 relaxing songs for your dog


This kitten, who wanted to be a brass mute for the day

A cat in a euphonium. This adorable feline likes to consider itself a brass mute. No cats were harmed; no brass players were scratched; there was only cuteness.

These kittens who wanted to take up the gong

A litter of inquisitive kittens realise just how much fun it is to play music together. It's what the internet was invented for.

This tiny dog and his piano

It’s a tough life being a piano-playing dog. Not only is the instrument just too big for you, but performing tends to be tricky when you don’t have any fingers. But this dog is going to give it a good go anyway. Listen to him sing those blues to his heart’s content.

This doggo who loves Bowie more than life itself

Maple dog wants nothing more than a nap on her master’s knee when ‘Space Oddity’ comes on. 

Acoustic Trench - Space Oddity (Bowie)

This guitarist sends his dog to sleep with a touch of Bowie.


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