Arcangelo Corelli Opus 6: Concerti Grossi

A bright album of Baroque music from period instrumentalists, The Avison Ensemble. Drive Featured Album, 8 October 2012

Released to mark the 300th anniversary of Corelli's death, this album from The Avison Ensemble is certainly a celebration of his colourful music. Characterful and cheery, with bright violins accompanied by a solid continuo, the recording on period instruments brings a sweetness in tone and a dance-like levity to these Baroque classics.

The 'Christmas' Concerto may well be the most famous example of Corelli's concerto grosso writing - in the Pastoral movement, he even used folk-like tunes, and sounds evoking bagpipes to conjure images of the Biblical shepherds attending the manger at the birth of Jesus.

But this album offers so much more than the 'Christmas' concerto. There's an astounding variety in the 12 concertos, from dainty minuets to poignant largos. The ensemble capture the magical interplay between the orchestral parts, and highlight some of the best qualities of Baroque instrumental writing - with a few memorable tunes to boot!


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