Ingolf Wunder - 300

An eclectic mix of musical styles from Chopin International Piano Competition runner-up Ingolf Wunder. Drive Featured Album, 18 February 2013.

From Debussy's dreamy Claire de lune, to Scarlatti's beautifully mathematical keyboard music, there's bound to be a piece of music to your taste on this album. After wowing audiences with a collection of Chopin's piano works, Ingolf Wunder's second album shows off the sheer range of styles possible on a piano.

There are plenty of passionate renditions of well-known Romantic piano favourites, including Liszt, Rachmaninov and Chopin, as well as a cheeky appearance from Mozart in the form of his Piano Sonata No. 13. In true 300 style, even the Mozart is full of surprises: Wunder throws a musical curve-ball by including a brilliantly quirky arrangement of the Rondo alla turca from Arcadi Volodos.

John Williams' impressive theme to Star Wars is given a re-working, making use of almost every note on the piano in this thundering arrangement. It's followed by Liadov's twinkly piano piece-ette, A Musical Snuff-Box - just an example of the diverse range of styles you'll find on this release.

Wunder's deliciously characterful interpretations show just what the piano is capable of, across a wide range of musical eras and styles.


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