Aleksander Dębicz: Cinematic Piano

Aleksander Dębicz - Cinematic Piano [making of]


Classic FM Album of the Week, 20 July 2015, after 10am.

Often compared to Ludovico Einaudi and Bafta-winning Broadchurch composer Ólafur Arnalds, Aleksander Dębicz has emerged in recent years as a promising young Polish composer/pianist. 

Winning a competition in which artists improvise in front of an audience to accompany a film on a screen opened the door for Dębicz to release this, his debut album, an eclectic exploration of his unique sound world.

The album's compositions draw on the legacy of great film music composers as well as from light music and jazz, and while Dębicz switches between genres, the classical virtuoso is present throughout. 

Dębicz is certainly an impressive player. The cinematic moods range from nostalgia and suspense to pulsing excitement, all dashed off with Dębicz's verve and virtuosity. Definitely a talent to watch.

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