What's the best morning music to get you out of bed?

Tim Lihoreau wants to know what tunes get you going on a dark, chilly autumn morning.

waking up

Are your mornings feeling just that little bit more difficult? The summer holidays are a distant memory, the School Run is back and even the sun is a later riser. But fear not, I know one thing that always helps. It's music. (Make that two things. Music and coffee. Lots of it.)

So what's your ultimate morning piece? That melody that gets you going. Is it Chopin with your cereal, or Tchaikovsky with your toast?

I know I am a bit unusual, what with getting out of bed and ready for work at 3am - but the latin lilt of Conga del Fuego by Marquez always gets me moving and Litolff lifts my mood. And Bach  - who incidentally wrote a Coffee Cantata , which means double the hit. Of course, Fridays deserve something really special: Sousa’s rousing Liberty Bell .

So I'd like to know what are the best classical pieces to get you 'pumped' for the day, so to speak. Tell me your Monday music - and your Friday refrain?

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