Zodiac is a three-part vocal harmony group that performs with a live band from Sedgehill School in Lewisham, London.

music for youth schools prom 2012

Students at the school work with Musician in Residence, Andy Gilbert, and are encouraged to record their own material with the ideal that it will empower students to express themselves through their music and by writing their own original compositions.

Zodiac will be performing a Labrinth original, Earthquake, that they have re-interpreted to give it a fresh new twist as they include some Bach! Complimented by beatboxing and a drum solo the talented vocalists will showcase their three part harmony skills.  They will also perform Walking, a student composition written by sixteen year old, Trey Qua.

Musical Director: Andy Gilbert

Age range of performers: 15-18 

Earthquake Labrinth
Walking - Trey Qua

Zodiac interview


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