Iestyn Davies at the Gramophone Awards 2012

Archaeologist-turned-countertenor Iestyn Davies shares the joys of living the lifestyle of a classical musician, at the Gramophone Awards 2012.

Gramophone Awards 2012

Iestyn Davies has been working hard this year - he's just come off the plane from New York, but he still found a moment to chat to Classic FM's Lucy Coward.

Luckily for him, this year's Gramophone Awards ceremony is slightly more relaxed. He handed out the awards two years ago and performed at the awards last year.

He's happy to be living the jet-set lifestyle, even if it means long flights and jet-lag.

"I did an archaeology degree and I can't see myself kneeling down in a trench digging," he said. "I loved it, but I prefer to wear a suit!"

Iestyn Davies at the Gramophone Awards

Gramophone Awards

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