Karl Jenkins' musical birthday party... in under a minute!

Backstage, on stage, and everywhere in between! We've captured Classic FM Live, a musical celebration of Karl Jenkins' 70th birthday, in bitesize chunks. Being pushed for time is NOT an excuse to miss out on this spectacular evening.

Classic FM live 2014 Wales Millennium Ce

Whether you're sad to have missed the concert, or just want to experience the whole thing again, we've put together a series of video highlights using Vine. Turn on the sound, and enjoy!

Not convinced yet? Here's six seconds of thundering Wagner from the Welsh National Opera Orchestra to start you off.

Flying high above Emma Johnston as she plays some soaring Mozart. Divine stuff! 

Aled's looking very dapper in rehearsal, and sounding just as good.

 Oh, it's only Karl Jenkins CONDUCTING HIS OWN MUSIC.

And more, because you can never have too much of a great composer directing his own work (well, you've had 12 seconds now. But it is his birthday...)

 We take a moment to pop outside and marvel at the beauty of this venue.

Everyone's seated, the orchestra's tuning - and the night's music is about to begin.

What an ovation for the amazing Emma Johnson, who just gave us a beautifully lyrical Mozart Clarinet Concerto.

Classic FM Live

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