BAFTA-winning 'Journey' soundtrack given epic violin cover version

11 March 2013, 14:50

Austin Wintory's BAFTA-winning themes from 'Journey' have been covered in an epic Lindsey Stirling-style music video by violinist Taylor Davis.

The soundtrack to the video game Journey, which won both the Original Score and Audio Achievement awards at last week's Games BAFTAs, has been covered in epic style by violinist Taylor Davis.

Davis, who has made several recordings and albums based on music featured in various video games, has also made a suitably high-concept video to go with the piece. So far it has received almost 100,000 views since it was posted last week.

In the video, Davis appears with a masked accomplice on a vast, snowy landscape, where the two violinists proceed to play a segued version of the 'Apotheosis' and 'I Was Born For This' themes from the game.

Originally composed by video games music veteran Austin Wintory, the themes in the game have been commended on the innovative way they adapted to the characters' actions during gameplay. The cello takes the most prominent role in the soundtrack, rather than the violin, with Wintory describing it as: "like a big cello concerto where you are the soloist and all the rest of the instruments represent the world around you."

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