Somehow, this organist improvised a Christmas carol into the Star Wars theme (and it’s magnificent)

The organist of St Paul’s Cathedral in Wellington, New Zealand, has done the impossible and mixed John Williams’ music from Star Wars with a couple of classic Christmas carols.

star wars organ improvisation

It’s a nimble mind who can find the musical link between O Come All Ye Faithful and the music of Star Wars - but organist Richard Apperley has done it.

Linking the worlds of sacred choral celebrations at the birth of Christ and the equally sacred (in a different way) space opera, Apperley improvises beautifully between Hark The Herald Angels Sing, O Come All Ye Faithful and a couple of John Williams themes from the iconic sci-fi saga.


Organ improvisation - Christmas carols and... Star Wars

Richard Apperley plays a stunning improvisation on the organ of St Paul's Cathedral, Wellington, New Zealand.


Apperley is the organist at St Paul’s Cathedral in Wellington, New Zealand. This video comes from last Christmas - the cathedral’s organ has since been damaged in this weekend’s earthquake.


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