Two musicians played the Star Wars theme outside John Williams’ house, and he came out to meet them

Trumpeter Bryce Hayashi and flugel player Mickle Miller bravely took on one of the most famous film themes of all time: standing in the composer’s front garden.

star wars outside john williams house

John Williams’ music from Star Wars is surely the most iconic film score of the modern era, and has an endless legion of musician fans. So what’s the best way to make yourself known to the composer? 


These two musicians played 'Star Wars' outside John Williams' house

...and the composer himself came out to greet them.


These intrepid musicians decided that playing the main theme from Star Wars IN JOHN WILLIAMS’ GARDEN would be the ideal tribute. Bryce Hayashi and Mickle Miller (who uploaded the video to YouTube ) certainly have chutzpah. 

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But how did the great composer react when he realised there were some fans on the street outside his house?

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