Here's why Eric Whitacre's 'Reimagine' gig was AMAZING

On Monday 24 March, Eric Whitacre, his singers, and a few guests, hit North London's Union Chapel. It was certainly worth catching - and here's why...

Because Eric managed to sell it to us in just 15 seconds:

Because even before the concert started, it sounded brilliant:

Because how many classical concerts have a queue round the block?

Because Eric Whitacre makes the crowd do this:

Because Laura Mvula was there. Conducting. And she was just INCREDIBLE:

Because Ksenija Sidorova and Joby Burgess made Piazzolla cool. And because today's foremost choral composer isn't ashamed to show his dance floor moves:

Because even the rehearsals were arty:

Because Marius Beck's heart-stopping version of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball made Eric say: "It's the most amazing thing I've ever heard. You've saved this song!"

Because they brought in an Aluminium harp especially:

Because Nine Inch Nails sounded even better when performed by soaring soprano Grace Davidson:

Because even Kraftwerk can be classical when percussionist Joby Burgess is involved:

Because even when Laura Mvula conducted Sing to the Moon, she was this modest:

Because we got to hear this, in full live choral glory:

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