Eric Whitacre to work with Pentatonix?

The choral composer met the 'Daft Punk' singers in London last night, discussing the possibility of working together.

Eric Whitacre and Pentatonix

Following the success of his Virtual Choir 4 video on YouTube and his recent release of Depeche Mode arrangement, Enjoy the Silence, Eric Whitacre's hinted he's planning his next project: working with a cappella five-piece Pentatonix.

Pentatonix shot to success after appearing on US TV show The Sing-Off, taking inspiration from a range of musical styles. Like Whitacre, the group compose and arrange complex a cappella vocal tunes.

Posting a photo on Instagram, they said: "Just had a wonderful dinner with mister @EricWhitacre! Such an incredible honour!"

Eric shared his admiration for the group on Twitter:

Eric aimed to push the boundaries of 'classical' music with his dubstep-inspired electronic choral piece, Fly to Paradise, which has so far received more than half a million YouTube hits. Pentatonix, too, are no strangers to viral success: they've just picked up the Response of the Year YouTube Award for their video with Lindsey Stirling, Radioactive.

Penatonix, the Evolution of Music video


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